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Video & Media

Motion Reel (TRT:1:50)
Ursula Bellugi-Salk Institute Tribute (TRT:2:59)
The Nashville Repertory Theatre
Centerstone Commercial (TRT :30)
Gilda's Club Video
UM-NSU CARD 2017 Tropical Nights Video
Gilda's Club Portrait Series
Tennessee Justice Center 20th Ann.
Dan Marino PSA Series for State of Fl. (TRT:2:06)
La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology (TRT:6:25)
Embraceable Film Trailer (TRT:1:30)
Els for Autism Foundation Overview (TRT: 2:51)
SPIN: A 3 Minute Dance With Autism
Formal Portraits
Portrait Series: Children
Photo Series: Williams Syndrome
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